Why We Do What We Do

By: Anthony Dattilo

The MORE Program was created to give students the tools to maximize financial independence and social mobility as adults. The program is inspired by the two most important women in my life, my mother Theresa Modugno and my grandmother Betty Modugno (who passed away 2019) and Dennis Reece, mother’s boyfriend of 18 years and my first money mentor (who passed away in 2005). The MO in MORE is for Modugno and the RE is for Reece.

These three individuals taught me about “free money” (dividends back when banks would actually pay an interest rate for saving money), provided constant motivation, love, support, and encouraged giving back to the community.   

My grams, Dennis, and my mother did a remarkable job imparting their knowledge of saving and investing on me and my two siblings. The MORE Program seeks to add to their legacy by encouraging its student participants to think about what jobs they’re interested in, do the necessary research that will provide the information needed to make sound decisions about their future.

Statistics have proven that kids who are taught the basics of financial literacy during their elementary and high school years grow into adults who can make better financial decisions.  By providing the opportunity to participate in the MORE Program every semester in high school, we will empower the next generation of great individuals to feel confident in making financial decisions and work to break the cycle of poverty.

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