Our Mission

At Building Blocks For Kids we empower low income students ages of 9-18, by providing a progressive financial education curriculum and mentorship program that gives them the tools to maximize financial independence and social mobility as adults.

How we Accomplish Our Mission

Serving the Los Angeles area, Building Blocks for Kids works to provide financial literacy education to our underserved youth through a positive, supportive, and hands-on educational experience. 

Program participants are selected from an applicant pool provided by schools, foster organizations, and partner nonprofit organizations, and inclusion into our program is based on need.  Our volunteers work with program participants in one-on-one, 30 - 60 minute monthly meetings to introduce assignments, work through curriculum, and answer any questions the students may have.

To create a real-world situation and provide actual incentives for our students, each Building Blocks for Kids student participant receives a bank account with a small stipend. Through a series of incentive-based activities, such as earning good grades, volunteering for organizations that benefit their communities, and utilizing technology, program participants are able to increase their account balances over time.  With the very real experience of managing their own money, we are able to introduce our youngest students, ages 9 - 13, to the fundamentals of financial literacy: counting money, the basics of interest, multiplying and dividing money, and basic budgeting.  

As we work with children through high school, we reinforce the basics of financial literacy and focus on future financial decisions.  With their stipends, we introduce this age group to compound interest, world currencies, investment principles, and the stock market.  We also work with this age group to ensure sound financial decisions as soon as they transition out of their family homes or foster care by providing education regarding types of income, personal budgeting, cost of living, credit scores, types of insurance, debt, taxes, employment sectors, and student loans.

By introducing our program participants to financial literacy concepts in a fun, hands-on environment, we will equip the next generation with the tools they need to make positive financial decisions throughout their lives. As the students' of Building Blocks for Kids graduate from high school their accounts will become available to them, our program participants can use money for school or their retirement.

Our Curriculum