“At Building Blocks For Kids we empower underprivileged youth ages of 9-18, by providing a progressive financial education curriculum and mentorship program that gives them the tools to maximize financial independence and social mobility as adults.”

Our Stock Competition program is called Mr. Incentive. Once students enroll in Mr. Incentive, they will be given a quiz which includes some basic financial literacy questions. This allows us to gauge where their knowledge is at the start of the program so that we may monitor their progress as they continue to become more knowledgeable through our Mr. Incentive curriculum (which includes budgeting, banking/investing, credit/credit cards, loans/insurance, education, jobs/taxes).

The duration of Mr. Incentive is two months. Throughout this time the students, separated into groups of 2 students each, will participate in 10 activities aimed towards building competency in each of the different values as outlined in our curriculum. They will also take part in a 45 day stock challenge brought to us by the Stock Market Game. The winning group of this stock challenge will receive the following monetary prizes deposited into their very own savings account through Building Blocks For Kids:

1st place: $1,000 ($500 Each)

2nd place: $800 ($400 Each)

3rd place: $500 ($250 Each)

4th place: $400 ($200 Each)

8th-32th place: $2,400 ($100 Each)

(***These amounts are only paid if we raise the FULL $6,000 per school***) 

This money can be used for education (trade school, 2-year or 4-year college) or retirement.  


  • Each Group or High School: 1 group per grade (9-12) 2 minimum/3 maximum per group (4 groups total per school/Student from different grade level can make a group.)

  • Day 1: Participants will sign up for the program fill out questionnaire/Complete Financial Literacy Pre-test. http://bbfkids.org/student-application/

  • Day 2: Build a Portfolio

  • Day 3: Pick a Stock/Job & Introduce SMG

  • First 3 days must be completed by 9.30.18

  • Stock Challenge Begins 10.1.18 with StockMarketGame: Groups must purchase at least 4 stocks throughout the completion to QUALIFY.

  • Day 4: Complete Excel spreadsheet budget

  • Day 5: Banking and Investing

  • Day 6: Credit/Credit Cards  

  • Day 7: Loans and Insurance

  • Day 8: Education

  • Day 9: Jobs

  • Day 10: Post Test/Interviews

  • Stock Challenge Ends 11.16.18: Group with the highest return on their portfolio WINS!

If participants have not completed their assignments by each deadline date they will be disqualified. (Exception can be made...) The minimum number of participants to a group is 2.  If any group has less than 2 members, they also will be disqualified or the individual can try to join a new group.


Mr. Incentive- Why We Do What We Do

By: Anthony Dattilo

MR. Incentive was created to give the students the tools to maximize financial independence and social mobility as adults. The program is inspired by the two important Modugno women in my life, my mother Theresa Modugno and my grandmother Betty Modugno (who passed away 2019) who represent the M in MR, and her partner of 18 years, Dennis Reece, R in MR. (who passed away in 2005). These two individuals taught me about “free money” (dividends, back when banks would actually pay an interest rate for saving money), provided constant motivation through incentives to continually improve, gave me so much love, encouraged me to be strong and to always believe in myself.   

Dennis and my mother did a remarkable job imparting their knowledge of saving, interest and investments on their children. MR. Incentive seeks to add to their legacy by encouraging its student participants to think about what jobs they’re interested in, and then do some research that will provide them the information they need to make sound decisions about their future (Is this job in demand? What should my focus of education be for this particular job?  Which universities offer the best programs for this field? etc).

Statistics have proven that kids who are taught the basics of financial literacy during their elementary and high school years grow into adults who can make better financial decisions.  By providing the opportunity to participate in our Mr. Incentive program, we will empower the next generation to feel confident in making financial decisions and work to break the cycle of poverty.


We extend an invitation to you to join us on our journey to end poverty and make an impact in the lives of our youth. Click the button below to donate, or click here for information on ways you can get involved.


When a Fillmore, CA high school junior was asked if they learned anything that they were able to teach their family, she responded “learning to budget using a spreadsheet really helped my family”.

When another high school junior was asked the same question, she responded “I showed my friends how stocks work, and how to purchase stocks in different companies”.

A high school freshman said of the MR. Incentive program “I loved learning about finances and what to do after high school. I feel that being part of this program will make my transition into adult life easier.”